Grasp the motivational movement 
to surpass mediocre levels and dominate your potential! 

"The Total Experience"

 Personal Trainer, Life Coach:

  • Desired Goals
  • Measurements and Evaluation
  • Nutrition Plan and Meal Prep
  • Fitness Plan
  • Motivational Clothing



Our focus is broad across all physical capabilities.  Our programs are designed based on physical capabilities and goals.  

  • Chart Body Mass Index (BMI) and Body Fat
  • One-on-one guidance and motivation.
  • Encouragement to surpass mediocre levels.
  • Fitness at the level to empower.
  • Tools to empower dreams to tangible reality.
  • Clothing to inspire a 365-day lifestyle.

Join the motivational movement and begin with making healthier eating choices, and incorporating an exercise program in your daily routine.  Let HoldUrWeight be motivation and an inspiration, we assure you that this will be a decision you will not regret!