Hold UR Weight is a motivational concept that serves to inspire all mankind to live their lives to the fullest potential and to strive to make all their dreams a tangible reality.

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Initially, Hold UR Weight was literal; the basic premise was focused on athletes and bodybuilders who were seeking extra motivation to reach their physical goals as well as being capable of lifting their goal weight. We now understand that not everyone desires to be an athlete or a part of the powerlifting scene. As a result, we have revised our purpose to reach out to all mankind who aspire to complete responsibilities, obligations, goals or even simple everyday activities that they have a desire to accomplish. Our focus is broad and we openly welcome individuals with any physical capability or lack thereof. We desire people from every profession, gender, ethnicity, culture, age and socioeconomic background. Our goal is to empower all people to work to their full potential at every possible level available while being a dominating force in EVERYTHING.

Hold UR Weight encourages individuals to work at their fullest potential surpassing mediocre levels and succeeding at the highest levels. We demonstrate and provide the necessary tools and training to show and to prove what each individual is physically capable of, at the highest capacity level. EVERY individual can be a success; in many instances, we have proven that there is nothing impossible for an individual who is willing to work hard, be persistent, and fully committed to the entire process. 

Hold UR Weight is set up to dominate YOUR potential while realizing that it is unnecessary to compare your progress to others. Let Hold UR Weight be motivation and an inspiration, we assure you that this will not be a decision you will regret.