The Shield Logo

The Shield Logo:

The Shield:

A shield represents a form of protection or defense.  Our shield signifies the blocking of any form of negativity from your life. Whether it is negative energy, actions or thoughts that come from you or made against you; the shield is to block it out of your life.  

The Stars:  

HOLD UR WEIGHT motivates you to reach for the stars or for your goals at the highest possible level.  One must realize that they have the power to overcome any obstacle and once this is achieved you will shine bright, just like the stars in the sky.  

The Weights:  

In life we sometimes carry excessive weight on our shoulders.  HOLD UR WEIGHT encourages all individuals to never give up and to ALWAYS HOLD UR WEIGHT.  This premise applies to all areas of your life.  Whether it is in your finances, in your home, at work or at the gym, no matter what the circumstances continue to do your part. Do not give up!  Do not be discouraged! NO matter what HOLD UR WEIGHT.  

Always remember to be all you can be.  Be better than you think you can be at all times.  

HOLD UR WEIGHT is not a temporary phenomenon it is a 365 day lifestyle!!!!